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Head of the Outback 2023

Monday, July 31, 2023

RowdRite is proud to again be helping to keep the athletes hydrated at the 2023 Head of The Outback at Barcaldine, and Longreach in QLD, hosted by Outback Rowing Australia. Get involved or find pout more information at 

RowdRite has been a valuable supporter of the Head of the Outback from the beggining. Donating water bottles for all competitors at the inaugral event, a generous donation for a hot sport in early summer months. RowdRite continues thier heartfelt sponsorship with the return this year, again providing water bottles to the 20 crews we anticipate that will compete this year in the 2nd running of the Event.

We continue to suport the growth of emerging clubs and competitions such as the Barcaldine Rowing Club and Head of The Outback, RowdRite sees the value in expanding sports into regional and remote areas and offers a range of clothing and supporting equipment for rowers, clubs and supporters. RowdRite beleives the best way to grow sport is to nurture and support the opportunities, competitions, and image of any sport, for any age group or ability. RowdRite has a proud history of spporting events such as the Head of the Outback

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