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About Us


Rowdrite was first conceived in the late nineties – the precise moment is somewhat lost in a fog of age, we were asked by one of the lesser well off schools to look at making an affordable version of a Realtime On Water Dataloger of Rowing Information and Timing equipment (hence the name RowdRite) and our first model (the AO) was conceived, prototyped, tested in early 2002, unfortunately, they were then shelved, due to a lack of time and other commitments, and funding to ramp up to a full production run.

Years later, after taking time out to start a family and suffering from rowing withdrawl, the AO came off the shelf, the dust was blown away, and with the advances in technology over 7 years, we went back to square 1.

This time we had a vision and a plan, we also had a registered company name and web address... Like many small startup companies, we aspired to create a product that we were passionate about, a work environment that better matched our own beliefs, and core values and most of all somewhere where everyone could have fun.

We consulted with a few coaches, some rowers, a couple of cox'n and brainstormed amongst ourselves until we opened our eyes and noticed an opportunity to fill the gap of data analysis from on water. We then thought 'How will we fund this?' and then it dawned on us clothing – only more fun, and designed with you in mind, yes we mean you. Our designs based on our own experiences and interactions with fellow rowers, coaches and athletes, we source quality fabrics that work better and last longer, and don’t take any corners or short cuts when stitching it all together. All of our new clothing designs are all tested in a very high-tech environment (yes High-Tech is a euphamism for our director on an erg in his garage).

 We learnt how to read a pattern, how to sew, and even what a cover stitch is. Ok so we may have known some of that already. When you buy our gear, you buy from us, there is no middleman to increase prices, we sell direct, from the factory to the user. If you have any issues or concerns, it is the designers that you will be telling.

We operate a quick-response system – holding minimal stock of any one item (except our custom make items), but turning out a few more quick-smart to hold the pile at a constant level. The bonus and benefit of this is our shelves are seldom bare, so orders are dispatched quickly to you.

We encourage all members of the RowdRite family to find the balance between family, work and play and this is a personal and individual quality with everyone having thier own priorities. RowdRite was started to create a business that was different, exciting, and passionate, and we aim to introduce a change to the world of rowing, our designs are not only functional, but different, they add a sense of flair to a crew.

All of us here at RowdRite love what we do and do what we love. Our calling has called and we answered.